Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dessert Factory, Ayala Terraces, Cebu

Dessert Factory's Interior
Those figurines were hanged at their restroom wall. A bit scary.
Photos from iPhone4

Howdy? So I was dormant for more than 2 weeks because I was down with flu and plus the Sendong tragedy. Sigh. Most of my colleagues were from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan so I will be posting information on how we can donate and help our fellow countrymen on my next blog. Anyhoo, I really appreciate that you still manage to check my site. :)

Now all this took place last weekend when the Boyfie and I went to Dessert Factory for dinner and the battery of my camera went dead on me, so most of my photos were from Boyfie's camera phone.

I had Grilled Boneless Chicken for P165
Photo from iPhone4
Boneless. For real.
Photo from iPhone4 
Grilled Pork Belly
Photo from iPhone4

Arguably the best pork belly in town.
Photo from iPhone4
Four Seasons. My fave juice next to Watermelon.
Photo from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520

Photo from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520 
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cake
Photo from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520 

I'm not a professional food critic, but this one is a must try. Super yummy that I forgot I'm on a diet. LOL
Photo from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520 
Photo from iPhone4
Cakes Galore
Photo from iPhone4
With my pale face. Ladies, lend me your make-up. :)
Photo from iPhone4

The place is one of the most pleasant and most affordable restaurant in Ayala Terraces, they have a very cozy ambiance and delish food, however, you might be disappointed with their Customer Service. I have been at this restaurant for like the nth time already and most of the time, their service sucks big time. I won't go into details anymore and I won't bad mouth this resto, because uhm, im too nice. Hehe. Good thing they serve good food, which keeps me going back for more. =)

Dessert Factory is located at the 3rd level of Ayala Terraces
Phone Number: (032) 233-2351


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anney said...

Nakupo ang mga cakes parang inaaya ako na kainin sila! hahaha!

Yen said...

I'm salivating 'coz all of those decadent cakes. Yum! :) Miss pork belly of Port Cafe. Hehehe.

Sumi Go said...

The pork belly, boneless chicken and the cakes all look scrumptious! So sad lang that they don't have good customer service. You're so kind though! Kami ni boyfie, we usually stay away from restos with bad service kahit ba masarap pa ang food.. ^^

Hazel said...

Those cakes look delicious!

AYA said...

@anney: go lang ng go! holidays naman eh. hehe
@Ate Yen: You want? hehe
@Sumi: Sayang yung food eh parnag gusto ko matry lahat nung nasa menu nila. LOL
@Hazel: Thanks!

eiramave said...

Food and fashion! I'm loving your blog. :) Followed.

AYA said...

@Eiramev: Hey, Thank you! Followed you back. =)

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