Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Trip in Bohol (June 2010)

Welcome to Tagbilaran, Bohol. Please forgive our haggard-looking faces, we didnt have much sleep because of excitement. =)

Man-made forest--going to Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills' entrance going up the stairs.

Going up the peak on the hill. It's a long way up like, more 100 steps, trust me. Just by going up is uberly exhausting.


See how happy we were? =)


And more pictures.

I don't know what we were trying to do here.

Butterfly Sactuary

Butterfly Sanctuary-trying to meditate

Bohol's finest-The famous Tarsier
This was all taken last year, I know its too late but I just had to blog it for the fact that I was not a blogger back then. LOL. You might be wondering why we were all wearing purple/violet, that's because I was with my Boyfie's family, cousin Precious, Uncle Arvin, Arvin's girlfriend Shiela and his Aunt Rose who is a wedding coordinator and events planner so even though it's just a family vacay we had to go by her planning rules-aside from the fact that she paid for everything. Hehe.
6am bound for Tagbilaran via Oceanjet P800 roundtrip (open air accomodation) but they do let you go in the airconditioned cabin below if there are less people inside. But if you prefer to take pictures of the sea and the islands, I suggest you go for open air.
Once you reach the port, there's a lot of drivers waiting for customers.
Van rental P2,000. It should be P3000 but hey, we're good in haggling. =)
Car rental P1,000. Good for 2-4 persons.
First stop, Jollibee. You don't wanna get hungry along the way right?
Second Stop, Man-made forest. Just Google for more pictures, sorry.
Third Stop, Chocolate Hills.
Fourth Stop, Loboc River. P300+ for buffet at the Floating Restaurant. But we ate our lunch somewhere else.
Fifth Stop, Butterfly Sanctuary
Sixth Stop, Tarsier Sanctuary
Seventh Stop, Baclayon Church. One of the oldest Churches in the Philippines. They have to give you shawls if you're wearing sleeveless tops and short shorts. On the 2nd floor is a museum with centuries-old religious relics, artifacts and other antiquities, dating back to the 16th century. We're not allowed to bring the camera inside the church and the museum unless you try to sneak in.
Eight Stop, Bohol's Blood Compact Site, most cmmonly known as "Sandugo"
Last stop, Pier. I bid farewell to the Philippines little paradise around 5pm.
I will definitely go back, there's a lot more to see like other old churches, Panglao Beach, The Plunge in Danao, Bohol, Prony the snake and etc. Next visit would be 2-3 days stay, for sure. 


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