Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday night out at YOU, Mango Square

Tequila tube shots at YOU with Redhorse Beer on the side. =) P100
Tequila tube shots top view. Don't you just love the colors? =) P100
I'm not really much of a beer drinker, I go for Tequila's Cocktails and THIS! Yum! Tastes like Bailey's. P80-ish
Mango Crepe: Almost the 'star of the night', until I tasted the sour mangoes. Crepe Fail! P100
Me trying out the colored blue one. Don't mind the background because  we are seated outside the bar.

Affordable Price
Love the assorted colors. Fun.
The crepe is yummy, not the mangoes inside.
You get to 'People Watch'
Total Bill P1,600-ish (including 3 sets of beer, 2 sets of Tequila, 2 orders of sisig, 1 Vodka Mudshake, 1 Mango Crepe and 1 box of Marlboro Ciggs. Did I mention that there were 6 of us, so everybody gets to chip-in.
Photos from Blackberry smartphone.


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