Sunday, October 2, 2011


I've been wanting to blog about this for weeks now. To start off,  I'm really a Nestle yogurt addict, especially the flavored yogurt; mango-peach, mango tidbits, buko pandan--you name it. Then, I purchased this Creamy Yogurt from our local supermarket thinking this would taste yummy as the others, so I brought it at the office, tried it and ULK! Tastes like spoiled milk! Gaaahd! Good thing, me and my colleague Tara has 4 packs of brown sugars (that brown sugar from coffee shops), we poured all 4 brown sugars and we somehow sweetened the taste of this yogurt. And to think, I was supposed to buy the big size. This is by far, the Worst. Yogurt. Ever.
Photos from Blackberry smartphone.


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