Sunday, November 20, 2011

11202011 brAYAne

4th at Veranda, Parkmall, Cebu City
Dinner date with Boyfie's friends
3rd at Cap Auditorium, Davao City
Photo taken after a Company Event 
Awkward smile. Please forgive our haggard looking faces. =)
2nd at Lower Osmeña St., Koronadal City
I used to live there. LOL 
Please forgive our haggard looking faces. =)
1st at San Miguel, Pasig City, MM
We used to live there.
When we were in our 'TEENS'

You may not realize this, but I am forever grateful that we are still together.  That you are with me.
Side by side - Year by year.

On this 5th year, we may not have wealth, but we do have each other and that is worth more than anything in the world.

P.S. This song is for you! :-*


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