Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Krispy Kreme Cebu

This store has always been the fanciest doughnuts and coffee shop in the Philippines. Before, people from the south had to go to Manila just to purchase Krispy Kreme..... And those were the days. 
Krispy Kreme Asiatown, I.T. Park

Hello! Krispy Kreme Cebu! Recently, roughly 3 weeks ago, Krispy Kreme opened its 26th branch in Ayala Center Cebu and its 4th Factory store/branch in Asiatown I.T.Park. Yay! Walking distance from where I work. =)
 Its been 3 weeks and there's still this long queue outside both stores. I mean, its not going anywhere. haha. 
Anyhoo, can't blame 'em because everyone from the Queen City of the South, wanted to taste the most delish doughnut in the whole wide world, even I joined the queue. Over na ba ako?
See? Im falling in line too. Haha
A peek of the interior
I want the Cinnamon Pull-Apart
Half-dozen. Too much calories already.
Homer Simpson's favorite food. =)
Meet Gramps.
I just had to take a picture with them. =)

Photos from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520

You may visit KKD's website HERE.

Are you getting hungry?

What's your favorite Krispy Kreme? :)


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Sassy Girl said...

regards ko ni grandfather..hekhek..ibti syag bungot

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