Saturday, November 19, 2011

Max's before Breaking Dawn

Yesterday was The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn's premier here in Cebu.  I insisted that we watch the movie because I know for sure that it'll be crowded at SM and Ayala on the weekends and I was right, there were few people who watched the first screening at Cinema 7 exactly 12:50pm. =)

Prior to that, we decided to eat our lunch first, I had been eyeing The Majestic Restaurant for a long time, but we ended up at Max's instead. Oh well, Max offers great chicken anyway.
No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we'll start with forever.
Pancit Canton

Chopsuey on a tacoshell-like-bowl
Budget Meal
Chopsuey Meal
Happy Tummy

Outfit of the Day
HDR-ished myself. LOL

Bangles from XOXO with my tatt on the side. :)
Platform heels from Chelsea
Photos from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520 

My T.G.I.F


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Lady_Myx said...

i used to train at Max's for my OJT. i miss being a CSA. XP

Aya said...

@Lad_Myx: so I guess you already had enough of Max's food. Kidding. :D

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