Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out of Love and Facebook

This has been a viral black and white photo of an old woman wearing a printout of her missing husband for 2 weeks. This photo was shared over 50,000 on the social network Facebook  and was a Trending Topic on Twitter.
Lola Luis Matias who was is suffering with Dementia since he was said to be showing childish behavior was last seen November 10 around Pasay Rotonda and Lola Aurelia has been looking for him since then, braved the streets of Manila alone each day giving flyers to people around the Metro.
Facebook user, Reddie J, a street photography enthusiast saw Lola Aurelia sitting on a sidewalk and out of curiosity, approached her who then gave her a flyer. Upon learning Lola Aurelia's predicament, Reddie Js asked the old woman for permission to take her picture and post it on Facebook. Lola Aurelia agreed.

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On Tuesday night, November 22, it was  reported that Lolo Luis was found at the Quirino LRT station in Taft Avenue, Manila at around 5:30 p.m.
 Through Social Media with the help of TV Networks, Lolo Luis found his way back to Lola Aurelia's arms.

True Love it is.

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