Monday, November 28, 2011

Leylam Shawarma, SM Cebu

Shawarma Rice
Regular Shawarma wrap
All meat Shawarma wrap, topped with cheese
Basically, you'll just have to mix everything
Tadaa! Shawarma Rice with Chilli Sauce
Photos from Sony Cybershot DSC-W520

Shawarma is often cooked using beef in a large pita bread, and served with vegetables such as onion and tomatoes, carrots and  corn and is usually topped with cheddar cheese. Currently, Shawarma Rice is gaining popularity. It consists of the same ingredients as regular shawarma plus the egg, with the exception of the pita bread, which is replaced with rice. Shawarma is a popular food found either in street side or inside shopping mall stalls. 
Leylam Shawarma is a nationwide chain selling Beef Shawarma in the Philippines and this is only Shawarma/Rice I have tasted so far. Quite good actually, I prefer my Shawarma rice cooked with sunny-side up egg. Mmmmm. I'm craving for one now.


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Midnyt Driver said...

AW... kakagutom, 1 of my fave pica pica ever... :d hi aya!

AYA said...

Hello! :)

Sumi Go said...

I like eating Shawarma! :) I used to buy shawarma with rice back in college for quick lunch.. ^^ Now, I'm missing to eat shawarma because of your post.. :)

Eunica said...

oh my ghaaaaaad! this screams MAJOR YUMMYNess! when i get to cebu, ill definitely munch on those goodies!

followed you;)

i hope you can check my blog too and follow if you like <3


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite.. :)

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